Top 10 Features of the Nissan Z Proto Post

If 2021 has you feeling fast and furious, it might be time to check out the sweet, new addition to Nissan’s lineup - the Proto Z. Maus Nissan is sharing the top ten features of this amazing concept.

You know they may say never judge a book by its cover but come on, we know you do it. So, let’s start with style. The Proto exudes confidence at every level. Just check out the futuristic face with a prominently displayed front grille. Smooth door handles are now found flush against a body that is flowy and sophisticated. As you make your way around this beauty, take a minute to gawk over one of the coolest details, the retro four-bar tail lights that were inspired by the 90s era 300zx models. 

A badge of honor. That’s what the new “Z” logo found on the Proto concept will be defined as. Designers used a modern interpretation of the original font that was used on the earlier 240Z models. 

Inside, she’s a beaut. Take a seat (there’s two!) and relish in all the details that will have you pondering life in the fast lane. Though we don’t know how roomy the cabin is just yet, the mixed surface seating is heavily bolstered per the sports car standard. Prototype photos show brilliant yellow piping against jet black seats. With a perfect blend of tech and modernity, this sports car offers a plethora of retro features that all car history buffs will appreciate. A 12.3” digital display instrument panel paired with an infotainment screen seamlessly built into the dash allows the driver to toggle between virtual and reality.

The Proto Z is said to be fitted with a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Reportedly, an automatic transmission is under development. Safety features will evolve but are said to include automatic emergency braking, lane assist, blind-spot monitoring and others. And for the grand finale, fans can expect the production model to grace us by the end 2021 as a 2022 model-year vehicle.

When you’re ready, wipe that drool and call Maus Nissan at (352) 592-6287 to schedule your test drive. This is going to be a good one, so don’t sleep on the Z!

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