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There are a million things to think about when buying a car. Maus Nissan knows that the last thing on your mind should be what happens after you drive it off the lot. That's why we strive to start our customer relationships with honesty and integrity. We knew customers needed a truly unique product to protect their vehicles and reduce the overall cost of ownership so we created Maus Care. This exclusive benefits service is designed to both protect and enhance your new or pre-owned Nissan vehicle experience.

Making time to service your car is usually low on the to-do list. Maus Care wants to make it a little easier by offering service perks like lifetime oil changes and tire rotations. Flat tire? Our nitrogen inflated tires lose air 3-4 times slower than oxygen but either way, you're covered! Use our $50 credit towards tire repair, replacements and lifetime nitrogen air refills.

Summer in Florida means rain so Maus Care includes lifetime applications of a special rain repellent. This hydrophobic coating repels water on the windshield, giving you a clearer driving visibility. Another exterior perk can be found in your Maus Care paint protection. All vehicles are treated with protective coatings that stymie UV rays, bug damage and other environmental pollution for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Inside the vehicle, we've included a ventilation system refresh and Surface Shield, a non-toxic anti-microbial cleaning agent that withstands mold, mildew and bacteria on all high touch surfaces. Pair this with our fabric protection treatment that protects and repels stains for 12 months or 12,000 miles and you'll be able to enjoy that latte with a clear conscience. But just in case, we've included a car care swag bag with premium, travel sized products.

Maus Nissan wants to be your dealership for life! This means in good and bad times. That's why we included roadside assistance, collision protection, id theft protection and stolen vehicle assistance. Our 24/7 roadside assistance is readily available and provides real time updates in our Maus Care app. Should your vehicle be stolen and/or totaled, our collision protection and stolen vehicle assistance offer monetary support to get you back on your feet. As identity theft grows, Maus Nissan has your back. Our identity theft restoration service protects your entire family by documenting, disputing and reversing all fraudulent transactions to restore your identity to pre-theft status. We also include glass VIN etching on select windows to preempt any vehicle theft.

Maus Nissan of Crystal River is here to serve you! Call us today at (352) 592-6287 or check out our inventory online today.

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