Maus Nissan of Crystal River Wants You to Know How to Change Your Spare

Replacing a flat tire is easy, and it’s also important that you know how to do it. Here at Maus Nissan of Crystal River, we want you to know how to take care of yourself while traveling. Follow these steps for a successful spare tire replacement.

Locate Spare Set

Always be prepared with the appropriate jack and wrench for removing the spare. A small air compressor that plugs into the car is also a great item to bring along to inflate the tire. You could even go as far as bringing a patch kit along with you to perform a temporary repair.

Loosen Lugs Before Raising

Break the lug nuts loose before raising the vehicle off the ground completely. Always engage the emergency brake, and place something under a wheel to keep the vehicle stationary. Torque the nuts nice and snug after you lower the vehicle, and bring it to Maus Nissan of Crystal River for a tire repair or replacement.



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