Common Fluid Leaks to Watch Out For

If your vehicle is leaking fluid, don't ignore the moisture that is coming from some important area of your automobile. This could lead to some pretty major issues down the road.
  • Oil is usually dark brown or amber in color. If you're losing oil and not replacing it, this could lead to your engine becoming damaged beyond repair. An oil leak should be addressed immediately.
  • Coolant can leak from your vehicle. The color of the coolant will vary based on the manufacturer or the coolant. In general, most coolant is green or blue in color. Coolant is responsible for helping your vehicle maintain a safe temperature.
  • Gear oil resembles honey. It's very thick and a dark shade of brown. If you notice a gear oil leak, the fluid will be very hard to get off of your hands. It also has a very strong smell that you'll have trouble getting rid of.


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