Find The Perfect Used Car With These Two Important Test Drive Tips

Going for a test drive can be exciting. If you aren't careful, however, great-looking paint and the much-sought-after "new car" smell could distort your judgement. At Maus Nissan of Crystal River, we want drivers to know how to test drive cars effectively. This way, they can get optimum value for their money.

Start By Determining Exactly What You Want

Having a clear idea of the features that you want is key. Take the time to research different vehicle makes and models. You should also gather information on different vehicle makes and models from specific years. Keep in mind that the quality of workmanship from an automotive brand can change from year to year, and thus, some used vehicles can be significantly more reliable than the same models that were manufactured at a different time.

Inspect The Exterior Of The Car Carefully

​Don't get so caught up in learning more about a vehicle's performance that you fail to do a comprehensive exterior inspection. Look for chipped paint, dents, dings, and other visible evidence of damage. A quality used car will be well-preserved and well-maintained both inside and out. For more test drive tips or to test drive one of our autos, drop by Maus Nissan of Crystal River today.


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