Experienced drivers find themselves benefiting from features like electronic stability control. Navigating twisting or slick roads in Homosassa, FL can be difficult even when you have 20 years of driving experience. Imagine how tough things become for a new teen driver. Parents buying their teens a car should look at such safety features before choosing a model.

Buying a first car for a teen doesn't have to be difficult. Some types of cars and features may be better suited for young ones. A car with moderate levels of horsepower and a lot of bulk, for example, might be a decent choice. The added size could provide more protection in an accident. Less horsepower means less of a chance to test the power.

Review safety ratings on models, as well. Make sure the vehicle gets a reliable rating. A vehicle packed with many tech-based safety features is another plus.

At Maus Nissan of Crystal River, we are sure we have something for you and your teenager. Come here and take a test drive.

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