As drivers it is important that we all have at least a basic understanding of how our vehicles and their features work. This is why we at Maus Nissan of Crystal River want to bring you a brief summary of how auto-dimming rearview mirrors work to keep us safe when driving at night.

Auto-dimming mirrors automatically darken when bright light hits them in order to reduce the glare that we see when we look into them. This is thanks to a chemical process and the way the mirrors are put together. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are made up of usually two light-detecting sensors that are connected to a microprocessor unit. This microprocessor sends a charge to a transparent gel known as electrochromium, this gel is placed between two glass pieces that make up the mirror. When the charge is applied to the electrochromium it begins to darken based on the amount of charge applied, this causes the mirror to darken and reflect less light back at your face as the driver.

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